Edible Canada

Edible Canada Gifts for Vancouver Delivery

Edible Canada is a nine-year-old business headquartered at Granville Island Public Market, in Vancouver, British Columbia where locals and visitors, professional chefs and passionate foodies congregate to experience the best in BC and Canadian cuisine. With more than 12 million visitors a year, Granville Island is truly one of the top public markets anywhere in the world, and Edible Canada is proud to be a key part of its vibrant, dynamic setting.

As Canada’s largest culinary tourism and locavore retail company, Edible Canada is dedicated to sourcing the highest quality culinary products from coast to coast for their customers.

Their services include a retail & online artisan food store, chef guided Granville Island Market Tours, demonstration guest chef Market DinnersGourmet Kayaking Weekends, and their popular Amuse Bouche newsletter and blog. In the summer of 2011 they opened Edible Canada at the Market — a vibrant bistro at the forefront of Canadian cuisine.